The Healthy Kitchen Revolution!

Welcome to the colourful world of Neoflam and The Healthy Kitchen Revolution!

We trust your experience cooking with our award winning cookware will be an enjoyable one and we congratulate you for taking one more important step towards a healthy life.

EcolonTM Natural Non-Stick is a ceramic-based coating, which is mostly made of silicon dioxide (also known as silica or SiO2), a material commonly found in natural elements such as stone and sand. The EcolonTM Natural Non-Stick coating offers an environmentally friendly, perfectly safe, scratch resistant cooking performance and stands as the only healthy, chemical free alternative to the common and misused traditional PTFE non-stick coating. Being a natural-based non-stick surface Neoflam cookware does not behave exactly as you may expect of a chemical-based PTFE non-stick and in return will not release harmful chemicals into your food and environment.

Neoflam pans are made from Natural EcolonTM which is a non stick ceramic coating made of sand, stone and silica and is a healthy and safe alternative to the toxic PTFE non-stick coatings.

Being a non-stick cookware there is sometimes a comparison of Neoflam EcolonTM Natural Non-Stick coating to the toxic PTFE based cookware. This comparison can often lead to using cooking methods that are not suitable for the Ceramic coating and may result in food sticking to the pan.

The Four Golden Rules:

  1. Cooking Temperatures

Neoflam EcolonTM Natural Non-Stick coating is durable, toxin free and can stand any desired cooking temperatures. UNLIKE traditional PTFE based non-stick cookware which can release toxic fumes when overheated the Neoflam EcolonTM Natural Non-Stick natural elements will provide a clean and healthy cooking environment. So don’t be afraid to use high heat when required.

Proper cooking temperatures can prevent sticking.  A great example is if a high protein food, like eggs are cooked on low heat, it may stick.

Useful  Tip

Preheat your pan to the desire temperature.

Pour a bit of oil in your preheated pan, enough to cover the bottom of the cooking surface. This helps to form a natural barrier that prevents food from sticking.

Now add your food, there should be a sizzling sound when your food touches the preheated pan, indicating that the browning or searing process has begun.

Allow your food to cook without disturbing it for a bit.

If your food makes no sound on initial contact with the pan your heat is too low, and if it is more of a crackle than a sizzle, your heat is too high. In both scenarios sticking may occur.

  1. Use a bit of cooking oil

The EcolonTM Natural Non-Stick coating is made of natural materials and requires a bit of oil every time you cook to create a natural barrier between the food and the pan.

Thanks to the Neoflam EcolonTM Natural  surface, you can cut down on fat quantity without compromising the flavour.

  1. Right size pan

It is important to use the right size pan for the amount of food being cooked, otherwise this allows the heat to concentrate on the area of the pan not cooking the food eventually overheating and diminishing the effectiveness of non-stick surface.

  1. Don’t forget to give your pan a good clean after every use.

Using the soft cloth or a paper towel only smears the food residue around the surface making it appear clean whereas in fact imperceptible traces of food can be left behind if the pan is not cleaned properly.

Neoflam EcolonTM Ceramic coating is a strong, durable material applied in a few layers for extra durability. Don’t be afraid to give your pans a good clean removing any small traces of food that when remain on the pan and with repeated use, will burn into the pan and sticking will occur.

Do not use coarse scouring pads or harsh abrasives to clean cookware and do not gouge the non-stick-coating. Do not use oven cleaners to clean cookware, as these are not designed for this purpose and will ruin the cookware.

For full Cooking instructions Neoflam Use and Care

We don’t recommend a particular oil to use, however be mindful of the smoking point of the oil when cooking. Smoke point is the temperature to which oil can be heated before it smokes and discolours — indications of decomposition. At the smoke point, the oil begins to emit unpleasant odours and impart unsavoury flavours to your meal. This may burn your food and damage your pan non stick surface.

Don’t use spray on oils as these contain sugar and will create build up on the surface of your pan and eventually effect the non-stick surface.

Neoflam cookware is suitable on ceramic, halogen and gas cook-tops with specific items being induction compatible.

For induction suitability, only cookware with a magnetic base works on induction cook-tops. To check cookware suitability, place a magnet on the base. If the magnet adheres, the cookware is induction compatible. Look for the Induction Ready symbol on Neoflam cookware packaging.

Neoflam cookware is oven-safe.

  • For fan assisted ovens, adjust the temperature in line with the oven manufacturer’s guidelines.
  • The max temperatures depend on the handle on your Neoflam pan. Please check packaging for details.
  • Lids with Bakelite knobs are not to be used in temperatures higher than 180o
  • Always place the pan in the centre of the oven where it is not touching or close to the heating element. This will avoid heating your pan to a higher temperature than your recipe calls for, which may burn your food and damage your cookware.
  • Always use silicon gloves or oven mitts when removing cookware from the oven.


For dishwasher suitability please refer to your cookware packaging information.

We always recommend hand washing to prolong the life of the cookware.

Regardless of the surface technology, natural or synthetic, loss of non-stick performance is attributed to the way it is used and cleaned.

Being a natural, ‘breathing’, surface it is far more effected by the way it is used and cleaned but when used correctly, EcolonTM coating can offer a natural non-stick performance, and while different to the traditional toxic PTFE non-stick performance (remember Ecolon does not contain Phosphorus or any other heavy metals in its blend), it is still highly regarded in the alternative non-stick world.

So why your pan stick?

  1. Cooking Surface Too-Hot &/or Too Cold

Using cooking methods not suitable to the food prepared may result in food sticking to the pan. The most common mistake is when cooking high protein food such as eggs and meat on low to medium heat. High protein foods do require high heat when cooked otherwise can stick to the pan.

Neoflam EcolonTM Natural Non-Stick is durable, toxin free and can stand high heat so don’t be afraid to up the flames when needed!

Useful Tip:

If food sticks to the pan during cooking, add a small amount of water to the part of the pan that the food is stuck to.  Adding moisture will create a burst of steam that should lift any food stuck to the pan.

  1. Cooking Surface Not Properly Cleaned

The build-up of baked-on, or carbonised, micro layers of cooking residue form a barrier between the food and the non-stick surface. Give your pan a good cleaning after each use to prevent this carbonisation build up will help maintain non-stick performance and longevity.

Hard to remove stains on the cooking surface are usually an indication of the carbonisation of oils and fats from cooking.

Useful Tip:

Make a paste from of equal parts of baking soda and water. With a non abrasive scourer or brush, rub the paste over the stained area. The discoloration of the paste is your indication that the stain is lifting. Wash and rinse well before use.

Neoflam warranty does not cover the non-stick performance unless reported after first use.

As the Neoflam EcolonTM Natural Non-Stick coating is made out of natural elements like sand and stone and is 100% free of any harmful chemicals and heavy metals, scratched cookware will not harm you, your family or the environment. Unlike traditional PTFE based non-stick cookware which can release toxic fumes if damaged and even before, you can rest assured knowing that your Neoflam will always provide a clean and healthy cooking environment.

Neoflam uses the most advanced ceramic technologies and its EcolonTM Natural Non-Stick coating is quality tested to resist peeling or chipping, however these may occur if cookware is misused.

Cutting and using metal utensils on the surface can scratch the non-stick interior. If knives or forks are used these may also damage the interior surface. Improper cleaning methods like the use of abrasive scouring pads, steel wool, abrasive cleansers, bleach and/or oven cleaners can cause scratches. Stacking the cookware with no protective layer in between pans may damage the coating surface.

Any of these procedures will void the warranty.

The brown marks are an indication of scorching which is caused through cooking.

If black deposits form on your non-stick coating this is likely to have resulted from prolonged exposure of the non-stick surface to high heat during cooking with fats and oils, which can break down. This can create carbonised oil and fat films. These factors will accelerate the loss of the non-stick performance. If this happens then empty any loose food, make a paste out of equal parts baking soda and water. Rub in a circular motion with a non-metallic soft scourer, or perhaps a soft brush. If the baking soda mixture starts turning brown, you are on the right track. Rinse well with cool water and dry.

For more stubborn stains and dried or burnt food, bring to boil three parts water with one part detergent or white vinegar in the Neoflam pan for five minutes, set aside for a period to cool and allow these deposits to soften then rub with a soft brush. Discard solution, rinse and dry.

Sometimes it is too late and the baked on grease cannot be removed.

The exterior surface of your Neoflam can stain if grease is allowed to burn on to it. This can be very difficult to remove, if at all. Making a paste of baking soda and water and then applying it to the stain and rubbing will dull it and sometimes remove it completely.

Some of Neoflam cookware is designed to have a “little belly” in the middle to allow liquid to run to the sides, especially when grilling.

The wobbling effect may also appear when using a smaller flame than the pan size. This allows the heat to concentrate on the middle area of the pan creating temperature difference between the middle and the edges of the pan possibly resulting in uneven surface.

That’s no problem, please click here &  check our warranty process.