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Nature Cook, enjoy nature's answer to healthy cuisine.

Discover centuries-old cooking techniques made modern with Neoflam's Flameproof Casserole.

This natural cookware is an ideal choice for healthy cooking and brings the taste of age-old wisdom to your kitchen.

Key features:

  • Made out of raw sustainable elements such as non-treated clay, sand, filtered water and 100% natural mineral oxides creating an entirely natural cooking pot
  • Natural clay allows slow cooking with even temperatures retaining all the food vitamins and flavours
  • Suitable for various dishes from rice or vegetables to soups and casseroles, pot roasting, and even baking cakes or bread, served straight to the table.
  • Durable glaze interior for easy cleaning
  • Compatible with the following cooktops – Gas, Electric and Ceramic
  • Made from the earth’s natural minerals
  • Heat-resistant clay with over 400°C of thermal–shock strength
  • Versatile: Prepare, simmer, bake and serve

Neoflam Australia

Limited Lifetime warranty.

Neoflam Australia offers a limited lifetime warranty for any defects in materials and manufacturing from the date of original purchase.