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Featuring an innovative Ecolon Natural Ceramic Non-Stick Coating and vintage-inspired design, the Neoflam Heart Shape Cake Pan Bakeware is both attractive and sturdy, ensuring toxin-free results and easy use with its silicon grip handles.

Key features:

  • Natural Ceramic Non-Stick Coating - A ceramic-based coating made of silicon dioxide (also known as silica or SiO2), commonly found in natural elements such as stone and sand.
  • Non-Stick PFOA & PTFE free coating
  • Environmentally friendly bakeware
  • Lightweight
  • Long-lasting and affordable
  • Wide range of shapes and sizes for all your baking needs

Neoflam Australia

Limited Lifetime warranty.

Neoflam Australia offers a limited lifetime warranty for any defects in materials and manufacturing from the date of original purchase.